• Jessica Handjiev

what is a Fresh 48 session

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

You're deciding on what kind of newborn photography best suits your style and budget. Perhaps you've come across birth photography and while you thought it was interesting and special, you knew it wasn't for you. But have you considered a session where a photographer will come out to the hospital AFTER you have given birth to document those incredibly special first moments?

You will have time to catch your breath, brush your hair and settle in with your baby before I arrive. You need not worry about being photographed in your most vulnerable moment to document this special time. We can still document this special time without filming the whole process.

Here is what you can expect from a Fresh 48 session:

  • You will book your Fresh 48 session in advance of your due date so that I know when I might receive a call from you.

  • When you get admitted for your birth, you'll send me a quick text to let me know that it's happening.

  • Once baby is born, we will schedule our session within the first 48 hours or before you leave the place of birth.

  • Depending on the package you choose, you will let your family know when to come visit you so that we can capture the big reveal!

  • Your coverage will include a variety of shots that capture both portraits and natural moments as they happen.

  • If we need to take a break for nurse checkups and feedings, this will not be counted towards your coverage.

If you've had a baby before, you'll likely agree that the moments that follow the birth can be the most amazing, joyful and emotional.

For those of us that experience a difficult or unexpected labour, we can feel very removed from being in the moment and enjoying it. We feel disappointed or are dealing with the trauma that our bodies are only starting to heal. My first pregnancy felt this way and I regret not having photos to look back and remember the good parts. I was too exhausted and emotionally spent after several days in the hospital on bed rest, followed by a long and challenging birth.

Even though my first birth experience wasn't the perfect memory, there absolutely had to be moments that followed that were joyful but I just honestly have very little memory of them. I documented my second birth and realized afterwards that the photos that I valued the most were the ones that were taken after the birth. The way my son looked bundled in the hospital bassinet. My daughter meeting my son for the first time. Revealing the gender to our family. I regret I don't have photos for my daughter too.

These moments are worth documenting, no matter your birth experience, and what Fresh 48 sessions are all about. Moments like:

1. the moment when your kids meet their new sibling.

2. the moment your mother meets her grandbaby.

3. the first outfit you chose for your baby.

4. how small they were.

5. first diaper changes.

6. the way they grabbed your finger.

7. the bravery and hope.

8. the tears & emotions that were felt.

9. the excitement & uncertainty it brought to your family.

10. the adorable faces they made.

11. your baby's first bath.

12. the first time his sister held him.

13. little feet.

14. the way dad looked at his baby with pride.

15. the way mom smiled at her baby.

16. the sweet moments that were shared in the room.

17. the exhaustion

Visit our FRESH 48 portfolio here for an example of what a session of your baby's first days looks like!