• Jessica Handjiev

choosing outfits for your one-year session

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Your baby is no longer a baby! A year has passed and it's time to book another session to document another special stage.

The first step to choosing your outfits is to plan ahead! This can be a stressful task. Take my advice and don't leave it to the end.

What to Avoid:

  • Black shirts. Even though black can be slimming, it looks harsh in pictures and takes away the soft airy feel we want to achieve in lifestyle photography.

  • Bright white shirts with no texture or layering. White tends to compete for attention. Instead of plain white, choose white with texture, layering or opt for off-white. It looks better and doesn't pull your eye in as much.

  • Logos, writing & illustrations. Again, elements that can fight for attention in a picture.

  • Make sure you prioritize comfort. Don't wear pieces that look great but feel awful. It will show on your face and body language.

  • Colours that clash.

  • Too many patterns. Ideally, stick to one pattern (definitely no more than two). Too many can compete for attention and create visual confusion.

  • Clothes that easily wrinkle. Wrinkle removal is not included in our editing process so if this bothers you choose fabrics that don't crease easily.

Do Choose:

  • Texture

  • Clean patterns

  • Layers

  • Colours that compliment each other

  • A great flowy dress, if that suits your personality

  • Light denim

  • Clothes that convey something meaningful about the subject. For example, this boy LOVED animals and would talk about them all the time. His mom chose this bear shirt to reflect an important part of his little personality.


Your outfit should be the first one that you choose. This outfit will determine what everyone else will wear with the goal of complimenting you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Don't choose pieces that are too tight or show off parts of your body you don't want to bring attention to. Many moms don't like seeing their arms in photos, if you tend to think the same way, cover up with long sleeves or a cardigan.

Dad & Kids:

When choosing outfits for dad and your kids, choose outfits that are complimentary to mom's outfit. It's a more natural look when the outfits compliment, but do not match each other.

Your One-Year Old:

Your toddler should have three things:

  1. Two outfits, starting with the one you love most. If your toddler is up for a change, we will swap outfits part-way through the session.

  2. A favorite toy, book or item like a special blanket.

  3. A blanket you guys can sit on if your session is outside.

If you are feeling ambitious and want to wear different looks throughout the session, pick a maximum of two outfits and let me know so I can remind you to change part way through.

I hope this gives you some direction on what outfits look better in photographs. Feel free to email or text me your ideas and I can offer you more personal advice!