• Jessica Handjiev

is it worth it to hire a professional newborn photographer

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I absolutely think so!

I've learned along the way that your income status, while an important consideration, does not define the value you place on this kind of investment.

This stage of your baby's life goes by so fast. You're sleep-deprived, stressed and over-extended. You don't have the energy, and experience, to produce portraits that you can one day be proud to pass on to your children.

When you invest in someone that has experience capturing little humans, you can rest assured that this small window of opportunity to capture beautiful sleepy newborns will not go wasted.

Here are my top reasons why you should consider this investment:

1. Your baby will grow and change in the blink of an eye! This time in your life is so precious yet goes by so quickly. Your memory of it is often fuzzy. Let me help you preserve the memory of your baby with images you will be proud to share with family, display in your home and one day pass on to your grown child.

2. The sleepy newborn stage doesn't last forever. You have a very small window of time to capture beautiful photos of your sleepy baby. The first 10 days is typically a perfect time to capture this sleepy look.

3. Experience is worth investing in. You may have considered learning to use your camera so that you can save money and capture your own newborn photos. If you've tried, you know how difficult it is to capture newborns, especially with siblings and family. You also might not fully understand how to use that clunky camera yet. I've come a long way in 10 years. The images I captured in my first few years as I was learning have no comparison to the work I produce today. When you hire someone that has experience, you are paying for years of practice, skill, judgement and creative exploration.

4. Moms are never in the picture! If you're the main photographer in your family, you'll find that you don't take enough opportunities to exist in your family photos. There will be thousands of images with your kids and with their father/mother but your face is almost always missing. A portrait session will force you to be in your family photos, whether you love it or not! We all have insecurities and this often holds us back from being in photos. While I can't change how you look in your photos, I do and will take the time to capture you with angles that you'll hopefully be happy with. I can relate to the feeling of not wanting to see myself in photographs but I am very grateful that the portrait sessions we have done with professional photographers have gifted me and my family with photos where I exist.

5. Regret. Don't regret the loss of a missed opportunity to capture beautiful memories of your life. These memories only grow in value with time.

6. Professional portraits are just the beginning of preserving your memories. Your own attempts to capture the little moments in your child's life are just as important. One day, you might find yourself building a slideshow for your kid's wedding and while some parents might regret not having enough (or better quality) pictures, those that value their memories will feel truly blessed for the opportunity to be transported back in time.

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