• Jessica Handjiev

how to personalize your newborn portrait session

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

My approach to capturing your baby is already a personalized experience. We are shooting in YOUR HOME, with the things that normally surround your baby. I'm here to photograph your baby and family in a way that feels and looks authentic.

If you've looked at my portfolio you've noticed that I don't use props, contrived posing or creative approaches that are a passing trend. I want your photographs to be about your baby, your love and your connection. When you look at your images, I want the baby the be the first thing you notice - not the cute hat or outfit or the bucket that your baby has been placed in.

With that said, here are a some ideas on how to add some additional personalization to your newborn session...

1. Personalized name baby blanket. Something more simple, like this, is not attention grabbing and ideal for keeping the focus on your baby and not the blanket.

2. Reading a book to your baby, or other child, is a great way to capture a memory with a favorite children's book.

3. If you use a baby carrier let's capture the memory of how you spend time with your baby.

4. We can incorporate nursery decor if the baby's room is setup.

5. Special blankets & swaddles you have chosen or been gifted.

6. The crib or bassinet!