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The first two weeks of your baby's life are incredibly unique and special! It is also the best time to capture newborn photos because your baby is very sleepy at this stage, which is exactly what we want for a successful newborn session! This gives us opportunities to capture newborn photos where baby is relaxed and sleeping for the majority of our session.

If you've missed this small window, don't worry! We will still gladly work with you to capture your sweet baby at whatever stage they may be at. As baby passes the sleepy stage, this might mean that it might take a bit longer to calm your baby during the photo shoot and that less opportunities might exist for that sleepy look. It means changing our expectations and being open to photos where baby is alert and making all kinds of funny expressions!


Your lifestyle newborn photography session will take place in the comfort of your own home. Standard sessions take around 3 hours. We will take photos in the areas of your home that have natural light. Usually the master bedroom, baby's room, kids bedrooms and living room. Not every home I visit is perfectly designed or organized and that's absolutely ok! When we don't want to share the surrounding mess, I find ways to crop in and focus in on the people.

I recommend scheduling your newborn photography session as soon as possible, during your pregnancy. We will schedule your session once baby has arrived. I am available throughout the week during weekdays and most weekends.

Our goal is to always deliver your photos within two weeks of your session. If we aren't able to meet this timeline for you, due to a busier than usual schedule, we will send you a free photo gift to make it up to you!

Newborn photography packages begin at $750 (including files). Contact us for a full pricing list.

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