Fresh 48 Photography Edmonton

If you're unfamiliar with the term "Fresh 48 Photos" it is essentially another way of describing hospital photos or hospital photography. This is not to be mistaken with birth photography as it takes place well after baby has arrived, ideally within the first 48 hours. If you're in search for a hospital photographer to come and capture photos of your newborn at the place of birth (this can also take place at birthing centres), look no further!

You will have time to catch your breath, brush your hair and settle in with your baby before I arrive. You need not worry about being photographed in your most vulnerable moment to document this special time. We can still document this special time without filming the whole process. 


For more information on what you can expect from a Fresh 48 photography session, visit our blog post "What is a Fresh 48 Session?"

I recommend scheduling your Fresh 48 session as soon as possible, during your pregnancy.

Our goal is to always deliver your photos within two weeks of your session. If we aren't able to meet this timeline for you, due to a busier than usual schedule, we will send you a free photo gift to make it up to you!

Fresh 48 photography packages begin at $250 (including files). Contact us for a full pricing list.

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