What others have asked...

How can I prepare for my newborn photography session?

We have some great blog posts specifically written to help you prepare and get the most from our time together. Visit:

Is there a payment plan if I can't pay in full?

Absolutely! Typically, we will take a deposit when you book (between $150 - $250 per session). The remaining we collect once we deliver your gallery and before we deliver your files. We can also set-up several payments if you are booking well in advance to make the payments smaller. Just let me know what works best for you.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Our goal is to always deliver your newborn photos within two weeks of your session. If we aren't able to meet this timeline for you, due to a busier than usual schedule, we will send you a free photo gift to make it up to you!

I'm feeling very self-conscious about my body. Will you Photoshop me to look better?

I can 100% relate to these feelings. Especially as new moms, our bodies transform in ways we never imagined. Our packages do not include intensive editing to change how you look. I do however make the effort to capture you from angles that are more flattering. I will be honest though, if you are very sensitive to how you look in photos there will be photos that make you uncomfortable. I don't have a magic solution. We can outsource some of your photos to a company that specializes in editing that is beyond my skill level. This cost will be in addition to the package cost.


I encourage you to look past your feelings about your body and remind yourself that your family will never judge you in these photos in the way that you might. They will be forever grateful to have you exist in photos from when they were a baby.

How will my baby photos be delivered?

Once I have finalized your session, I will upload your photos to your own personal online gallery. You will receive an email with the link to this gallery. Your gallery can be used to select your favorites and can also be shared with family and friends. Once your final payment is made you can use the gallery to download your high resolution files. You will also have the option to download low resolution files (ideal for social media) as well.

When should I schedule our sessions?

In terms of booking me, I recommend you do that sooner than later so that we can get you into our calendar, even if the dates are tentative. In terms of scheduling the actual session, we recommend the following:


  • For newborn photography sessions, we recommend you schedule within the first 10 days of your baby's life (ideally, no later than 2 weeks). If your circumstances don't allow you to book this early, don't worry! We can schedule your newborn session whenever it works best for your family. Just know that the later we book the more challenging it is to capture your baby sleeping and this means you will have more alert photos.

  • For maternity photography sessions, we recommend around 35-38 weeks as a guideline. We want your belly to be big enough so that it shows well in photographs.

  • For the 6-month stage photos, the goal is to have your baby sitting up confidently on their own. For some baby's this might be later than 6 months. If they can sit on their own without falling, they are ready!

  • For One-Year photos, the goal is to have them walking on their own. Again, this might come later for some babies.

Where should I print my newborn photos?

When you receive your email with the link to your gallery, there will be a recommendation on where you can print your photos. I highly recommend you use this lab versus the generic labs like Walmart, Costco, Shoppers, Blacks, etc.